Getting a Great Special Needs Tutor Near You


You always hear “Location. Location. Location,” and while it’s usually about real estate, it is even more true when it comes to your children. It’s so important to have the most qualified help for your child local to you so that you are able to get the resources you need regularly and easily which will help your family succeed.

You Need a Great Tutor NEAR YOU.

There are so many reasons why it is important to have a highly qualified speech, reading, and learning disabilities tutor in your area. And I’m going to tell you why.

A seasoned professional is familiar with how your school’s Child Study Team works. The specialist should also have direct contact with the school’s team and can offer additional insight into the specifics of the problem.

A great local tutor can give you tips on how to navigate your system since they are familiar with that school district’s policies.

They will know whether or not the school has specific programs such as FastForWord at no extra charge. (This is a program that helps with language development, processing, and reading.) Your tutor will also know if there are acoustically modified classrooms or FM programs available for children with auditory processing issues.  

As a 40-year resident of Central New Jersey, I have worked as a Consultant in every nearby school system, including Old Bridge, Millstone, Neptune, Union Beach, Monroe, Colts Neck, Sayreville, Tinton Falls, and Freehold, NJ.

As a local educational specialist who has maintained a reputation for excellence, most of the local school districts are familiar with my educational evaluations, as well as my many years of working in a private practice setting with dyslexic students, and children with learning disabilities, auditory processing, speech, language and writing issues.

Skilled in a variety of reading programs such as Wilson, Project Read, and Stevenson, to name a few,  I am able to provide an eclectic approach to your child’s learning. Not all approaches work for all children. Just as every child is different, the way that child is taught and academically nurtured is different.

Once a child learns to decode words efficiently and spell, then vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills are taught. With my combined expertise in special education, reading and speech pathology, I can think of no other combination of specialties that would be more qualified to get at the root of your child’s problems.

Of course, a parent wants to get services through the schools for free but often the child does not qualify for the services even though he/she needs them. Too many parents wait it out, hoping that next year will be better. However, often it’s not – and the child is that much further behind.

Not all school districts in New Jersey are created equal. Our surrounding areas such as Old Bridge, Colts Neck, Freehold, Monroe, Manalapan, Marlboro, Howell Millstone, Hamilton, North Brunswick and East Brunswick, have good support staff. However, the amount of paperwork and the cost to classify a child is mounting by the year. That means fewer and fewer children are getting the help they need through the school system alone.

There is only so much money to go around, and there are only so many students Child Study Team case managers can effectively handle. Schools are taking a very close look at who can be managed with RTI’s (Response to Intervention) and 504’s. While those are decent plans, it is NOT the same thing as having an Individualized Educational Plan that specifies that a particular reading program be utilized. Additionally, even within the resource room, the teacher might not be using the optimal plan for your child.

Managing your child’s education with this level of specificity is so important for success and only comes from a highly trained local tutor familiar with the school system. The school has many students to look after. I only have yours - and I pay very close attention to those details.