Diane, Manalapan, NJ

My son, Matthew has always struggled with school, at the end of second grade he was diagnosis with Auditory Process Disorder. Even with extra help within school, tutors outside and other therapist he continued to struggle and make very slow progress. Matthew has only been working with Ms. Bette since Nov 2014 and within that short time we have seen vast improvements in his comprehension and focus. I wish we found Ms. Bette sooner.

WJ, New Brunswick, NJ

To anyone looking for the best learning consultant in the tri-state area this woman is it! I have received tutoring from Mrs. Bette since 2nd grade. Currently, I am a Rutgers student studying nursing, and I honestly don't think I would be where I am today without her. Mrs. Bette is/was so much more than a tutor to me. While growing up I had many academic and emotional hardships and hurdles I had to overcome, and Mrs. Bette worked through them with me. To begin, I was an overly shy child, and felt insecure in every respect. Mrs. Bette allowed me to be myself, but shaped me into a self- confident student. I never saw it coming! She was able to make me believe in myself, and all that I could do. It doesn't seem like much, but from a child who came from a broken home with a lot of issues, it was the world. She has been like a second mother to me. To this day she not only inspires me to better myself, she also is one the greatest influences on many of the decisions/choices I have made thus far in life. She has such a passion and drive for what she does, and I am so fortunate to have met her, and had her mentor/tutor me for those years. She helped shape me more than she could ever know, and I am so grateful that she is part of my life even now. Recently, I texted her on her birthday, and then the questions began: "Jake what are your grades " etc. It was like the old days, and I walked around all day with a big smile on my face.

Erika, Marlboro, NJ

Jan 16, 2008 Dear Mrs. Bette, There has never been a person who has pushed me to peruse my dreams like you have. I was not eager to learn, nor study those infamous vocabulary lists that you give. When our sessions first started I was anything but cooperative! I always wondered why I received so much homework from you. Most of the time I would dread coming into your office because I knew you would present a bad report to my mother. Causing you so many gray hairs and tears shed, I finally started realizing how much you truly cared for all your students. Slowly, but surely, I began cooperating. When students move on to the next chapter of his/her life, each and every one of them has you to thank. You spend an incredible amount of time pushing your student to become all they can become. It definitely paid off for me. For the past few years, you have not only taught me ever word in the dictionary, but more importantly for me, you taught me to never give up. I also fondly recall your response to my moans with "impossible is not part of our vocabulary list!" What am I going to do without you!!! Thank you will never be enough for all your support and dedication. I know I am ready for the next milestone in my life. Preparation is important in any situation and you have taught me all a human can teach a person in one lifetime. Receiving the James Melia Scholarship this year was an exciting event in my life. But, it was you who really helped me accomplish this award! Thursday nights will never be the same. Cramming in last minute studying minutes before I walked in your door will be imprinted in my brain forever. Spending two hours at a time in early September editing college essays, along with improving my interview skills just proves how precise you are about all things, and thankfully you passed that on to me. Mrs. Bette, you're not just a tutor to me, you are an inspiration. Charitable, successful, energetic, adventurous and devoted to your family and career are just a few of the great qualities you possess. Mrs. Bette you are a very important person in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

DIANE, Matawan, NJ

My daughter struggled with both reading and math skills in her early years. Mrs. DeFusco utilized her knowledge of multi-sensory programs to meet my daughter's academic needs throughout grammar school. Mrs. B. is a wonderful tutor and we are forever grateful for her expertise!

Luke, Old Bridge, NJ

Mrs. Bette is the best possible learning specialist I could ever have. Not only is she a learning specialist, but she has become part of my family. Mrs. Bette has multiple techniques for teaching her students. She uses many different methods that can vary from a computer disc that works on reading, to writing an essay, to dictation for spelling, and even index cards for vocabulary. She is very creative in her teaching that will keep you on your toes and never make your visits boring.


From a very early age, I had great difficulties with reading and writing. Mrs. Bette worked with me for several years not only providing the skills and techniques necessary to improve my reading and writing, but also instilling in me a newfound sense of confidence when it came to the classroom. The time I spent with Mrs. Bette had both an educational and a personal effect on me. She made the learning experience a comfortable and enjoyable one as I always found myself eager to continuously improve and advance my reading and writing capabilities. To this day, I still use everything Mrs. Bette taught me, and this has propelled me from a kid who had tons of struggles in the classroom to a college student who has consistently made Dean's List at Boston College. Elizabeth DeFusco is an absolutely incredible teacher who has given me the tools for maintaining success throughout my academic career.


During my sixteen years I have met a number of people who have guided me through life. One person who has had a huge influence on me is Elizabeth DeFusco (aka Mrs. Bette). When I was younger I couldn't read and would mix up words on the paper. My parents tried many different tutors but I wasn't getting better. Mrs. Bette was able to diagnosis my problem and fix it. I have been working with Mrs. Bette for seven years; and, she was able to find the methods of learning which worked best for me. She got me to read, improve my reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. There is nothing that she can't teach! Mrs. Bette is like "second" mothers to me because she holds me accountable when I get bad grades, don't do homework or when I get into trouble at school or home. I pride myself as being a "consummate"con man. However, Mrs. Bette could always see through all my nonsense, although Gummy Bear bribes sometimes work! She has to admit, though, I taught her every "cheat" trick in the book! As I got older I always tried new "cons" on Mrs. Bette. I knew she would be annoyed when I didn't do my homework. You just knew when she was angry because usually she is a funny, easy going, "cool" person. But, when provoked, I could see it in her "blue eyes," and I knew I had disappointed a person that loved me. Her punishment was to add more homework. Eventually, I got "point" and always did the homework. Mrs. B has an uncanny ability to make you live up to your potential. Mrs. Bette was not just there to help me overcome my disabilities, but she also helped guide me through any academic obstacles that got in my way. She will be assisting me with my college essays this summer so that I can get into my future school. Unfortunately, I don't have much more time with Mrs. Bette because I will be going off to college; but, I know she will always be my academic moral compass. Mrs. Bette will always be someone with whom I will keep in contact throughout my life because I know if I come across any problems she will be right by my side, helping me, as always.

Ariana, Manalapan, NJ

Throughout life one encounters many people, some of whom help mold their future. During my seventeen years there have been a number of people who are accountable for shaping me into the young woman I am today. However, one person in my life who has had a significant influence on me is my learning specialist, Elizabeth DeFusco, also referred to as Mrs. Bette. To me Mrs. Bette is more than just my educational consultant. She has become an aunt-like figure in my life; and, she has helped me navigate many educational feats and roadblocks. When I was in kindergarten, my mother noticed that I was having many difficulties in learning to read and write. After much research she realized that I should be tested for learning issues, which is how Mrs. Bette came into my life. At the age of five I received a diagnosis of Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder. Luckily, with the assistance of Mrs. Bette, I did not have to be classified. Now, I have learned many techniques to compensate for my disabilities. Mrs. Bette has worked with me for almost thirteen years. She has aided me hone my reading, writing and organizational skills. She has not only helped me with my learning issues; but has helped me make some hard decisions in my life. Acting as my moral compass, she has always steered me in the right direction; and, has treated me, as well as my family, as her own. Therefore, of all the outstanding individuals that I have encountered, Mrs. Bette has been the one person who has made an extremely large impact in my life. Not only has she helped me conquer my learning disabilities; but also, she has aided me with making various life altering choices. Ultimately, Mrs. Bette has become very important to me; and, without her I would not be the strong, self-confident person I am today.

Amy, Marlboro, NJ/New York, NY

There is a reason why she is referred to as Mrs. Bette and not "Mrs. DeFusco." As soon as you walk through the ALWAYS open door, she wants you and your child to feel as comfortable as possible. Mrs. Bette makes her lessons fun and you don't even realize you're learning. Your children's age, learning difficulty, or speech problems , are no match for this Miracle Lady. When she starts with a child, they are taken on by someone who is nothing less than a professional. As she diagnoses your child, she tries different methods and calculates the best approach her student will respond to, making the process move as smooth and effective as possible. She doesn't want a student to be there forever, she truly wants them walking out of her door smiling, knowing that finally their situation has been dealt with, and little do they know she just put this child in a better position in life to attack any hurdles bound to come their way. Although I "graduated" years ago (over 10), Mrs. Bette is still in my life. She made sure I got into my dream academic college, helping me with applications along the way and just checking up on my welfare. I owe her where I am now, working for a company in NYC, I could have only dreamed of, because of this woman. She just really cares what happens to "her kids"! Every diagnosis was caught, dealt with, fixed, and my parents couldn't be happier with the results. No words can describe this woman/doctor/teacher/mother. She really is one of a kind.

Sue, Marlboro NJ

Bette taught both my sons to read and write! When the school system couldn't and wouldn't Bette did!!!! She used various reading programs and taught them special techniques that gave them the tools to learn !!!. Bette's hard work and dedication gave both my children the confidence to be successful in school and in life!! One son successfully graduated college and is gainfully employed as a manager in his field of work, and the other son will graduate college next year!! She is amazing and never gives up!!!

Gina, Freehold, NJ

Mrs. Bette you are an amazing teacher. A true professional, you are very dedicated to your students and their needs. My daughter has made great strides in reading with your help and devotion. Most importantly, you have given my daughter confidence to believe in herself, and that anything is possible. Mrs. Bette you are one of a kind!!!!

Maria, Colts Neck, NJ

Mrs. Bette has been working with my daughter for six years and my youngest son for three years now. Although they complain about doing the work both were barely able to read when they started with Bette. Her knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to helping children with a learning disabilities. If your child puts the time in and does the work the results are remarkable. I still thank my neighbor for referring me to Bette.

Marlene and Gary, N. Brunswick, NJ

It's hard to face a problem That means your child won't be Growing and developing Like others that you see. And where do parents turn To learn the things they ought? Who can help them find Answers that must be sought? Our baby seemed so bright and loving, But slow in certain ways, We'd put off asking questions For just a few more days. Then one day we were told By someone whom we trust, That things were not just fine... Find help for him, we must. Pediatrician and child study team Just would not come through And then one day, the nursery school, Pointed us to you. You never lied, and though we cried, There was much to be done A lot of work and learning Could help our little one. Now, almost two years later, He talks non-stop each day But we don't fool ourselves He still has a long way. You helped us push our schools To have him educated And now, I wonder why We ever hesitated. I won't deny the homework Is as hard for me as my son But each day we grow more persistent As each new task is done. Bette, we could never Find adequate words to say How lucky we were to have you.

Tyler, Old Bridge, NJ

Mrs. Bette is like a second mother to me. I knew she was always there for me, and will always be there for me. I would often try to distract and sidetrack our time together by talking during our sessions, but she would always redirect me and keep me focused. Mrs. Bette could always set my mind straight on anything, whether it was school, being mad at my parents, work or relationships. I'm glad I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia because it allowed me to meet you. If it weren't for Mrs. Bette, I probably wouldn't be in college or getting A's. I am so thankful for all the time and hard work she put into helping me become who I am.

anne-marie, old bridge, nj

When Mrs. Bette takes on students they become "her kids" and she is committed to helping them achieve their highest potential. I've seen this first-hand with both my sons and couldn't be happier with the results. Mrs. Bette rocks!!

Marlene, Transplanted to WI from NJ

I often tell people that Bette gave my son his life back. He was born unable to communicate; she gave him language. Her patience, knowledge, guidance and obvious affection are all responsible for his success in life. He graduated high school and college, has a beautiful wife, was recruited by Apple and now works for Princeton University. None of that would have been possible without Bette. When Bette tells you to do something, she knows what she's talking about! Listen to her! Do the homework!